Frequently Ask Questions

What can we help you with today?

  • How do I complete a hotel reservation on the portal? Enter your destination city or hotel name, check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms required, and number of guests. Click on the search button for options.
  • How long will my hotel reservation remain active? Depending on the hotel policy you may have to book and buy (i.e. Instant purchase) and when applicable, the booking will be valid for to 24hours.
  • I completed a reservation on your website but did not receive an invoice?This may be due to an error in email address provided during reservation or booking notification might have gone to the spam section of the recipient email. For assistance, kindly contact customer support via email or phone call.
  • How do I confirm if payment for a reservation made has been received?  All payments made should be done with booking confirmation number plus traveller’s full names. An agent will call you immediately payment is received to confirm bookings and facilitate ticket confirmation. Where payment is made without booking confirmation number or traveller’s name, it is necessary to call the phone numbers provided to confirm payment in order to facilitate hotel confirmation
  • Can I make a dummy hotel reservation (for visa purposes)?  Customers can make hotel reservations but such reservations will remain active for a maximum period of 24hours. Kindly also note that this will only be a provisional booking and not confirmed as payment has not been received.
  • What type of services does my hotel come with?  Depending on the choice of room, customers may be entitled to a bed and breakfast or bed only option and other complementary services such as free Wi-Fi, airport shuttle amongst others as indicated by the hotel.
  • What are the different types of Hotel rooms? Hotel rooms available are Single, Standard, Double or Twin Standard, Deluxe, Suite, Studio Apartment.
  • How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

Cancelation of confirmed hotel reservation can be done via any of our channels a minimum of 48hours prior to check-in. Hotel cancellation policy determines whether a reservation permits a free cancellation, cancellation at a fee or non refundable in case of cancellation. This may vary from one hotel to the other and also based on the room type booked.

  • How do I receive a refund of the hotel payment made? A refund of hotel payment within 2-8weeks would be made to same payment details that credited us as provided by the customer after all applicable charges have been made. This is also dependant on the type of hotel being booked refundable or non-refundable.
  • Can I make payments online for changes to be made on a hotel voucher?  You may contact us via any of our channels as regards changes and an online payment link will sent to enable you to make payment
  • Which countries do you provide visa assistance?  Visa assistance is provided for countries listed on our portal.
  • Do you assist clients’ source documents in the visa procurements process?  No, the customers are expected to provide all verifiable supporting documents required by the embassy.

 Am I guaranteed the issuance of a visa once I patronize your service? Though we have a 99% success rate with Dubai visas and about 70% with other countries we however cannot guarantee visa issuance as this is solely dependent on the issuing embassy or high commission.

  • Do we submit visa applications on behalf of clients?

 No, we do not submit visa applications on behalf of clients as clients will be required to undergo biometric data capture based on requirements from the individual Embassies.

  • How long does it take for a ticket refund to be processed? Ticket refunds may take a period of 2-8 weeks depending on the airline.
  • Do I get a full refund if I am unable to use a ticket bought /hotel voucher purchased? Amount to be refunded will depend on the type of ticket purchased, i.e. whether the ticket is refundable or not and airline policy regarding ticket refund.
  • Will my total ticket amount be refunded if I miss my flight? The amount to be refunded is dependent on the airline no-show policy on the type of ticket purchased. Instances where no-show refund is not allowed, the entire ticket value will be forfeited.
  • Will I be given a refund if I do not use part of my ticket purchased. Refundof partly used tickets will depend on the conditions attached to the type and category of the ticket. I.e. where ticket is refundable, you may get a refund (amount will be determined by the airline) if the ticket is non refundable, there will be no refund of the used portion of the ticket.


How do I make changes to my flight after I have completed a booking?

  • Where booking is completed and payment is not effected, changes can be made free of charge by rebooking the correct itinerary on the portal. Alternatively, you can contact us via any of our channels and a revised booking will be forwarded to you via email.

Can I make changes to my name after the ticket has been issued?

  • Depending on the airline rules, changes can be made on a name at a penalty fee, however, some airlines do not accept name change after the ticket has been issued.

Can I make changes to my ticket after it has been issued? i.e Date/time/route

  • Depending on the ticket rule and the operating airline you may be able to make changes on the date, time, route, free of charge, or at a penalty fee.

How do I cancel my ticket?

  • You can cancel your ticket (depending on the type of ticket – refundable or non-refundable) by contacting us via any of our channels with your details and reasons of cancel a minimum of 72hours before flight departure.

Missed my flights and want to reschedule, do I have to make any payment for changes?

  • Rescheduling of flights in a situation where the traveller missed the original flight will depend on the rules attached to the type of ticket, i.e. if the airline allows NO-SHOW, rescheduling will be done at a fee. If otherwise, airline ticket rules will be applied.

Can I transfer my flight ticket if I will be unable to travel?

  • No, flight tickets are not transferable, it could be subjected to refund if the rules of the ticket permit refunds.

Can I make payments online for changes to be made on flight ticket/hotel voucher

  • You may contact us via any of our channels as regards changes and an online payment link sent to assist you to make payment

How do I cancel my ticket?

If you wish to cancel your ticket after you have paid and the e-ticket sent to your email, please send us an email stating your Incel tourism portal booking reference. We will check the ticket rules to see if your ticket is refundable. Please note that not all tickets are refundable while some are partially refundable.

Once we have established the likely amount to be refunded and your acceptance received, we will request such from the airline on your behalf. The refund may take between 6 to 8 weeks to process depending on the airline, and the refund will be made into the bank account you provide to us, less any administrative fees.

If I can no longer travel, is my ticket refundable?

  • This depends on the airline's rules on your ticket. Please contact us stating your Incel tourism portal booking reference so that we can confirm.

The airline is refusing to give me a refund on my ticket, why?

  • This may be because of the rules applicable on the ticket when it was purchased. If it is a refundable ticket, Incel tourism will help you to process the refund with the airline. Please send us an email stating your Incel tourism portal booking reference for further assistance. Note that all applicable airline deductions and Incel tourism fees will apply on the refund amount.

How do I search for available flights on your portal?

  • Enter your departing city, arrival city, departure and return dates, the number of persons, and preferred cabin. Click on the search to obtain flight options.

Flight booking completed but the invoice not received.

  • The invoice may not be received due to error in the email address provided during reservation or booking notification might have gone to the spam section of the recipient email. Contact customer support via email or phone call for assistance.

How long will a flight booking remain active?

  • Flight bookings remain valid for 24hours if the travel date is one week or more from the date of booking and instant purchase if travel date is less than a week from the date of booking. Please note that the airline reserves the right to cancel your flight at any time and without notice if payment has not been confirmed by Incel tourism

Are fares quoted on your portal inclusive of taxes?

  • Yes: All fare quoted are inclusive of taxes, hence customer does not need to make any additional payments

What will happen if the fare on booking done changes before the ticket is issued?

  • An automated notification will be sent via SMS/Email to advise on fare changes, the ticket will be issued after confirmation of payment based on the new fare.

What is my baggage allowance?

  • Baggage allowance is dependent on the type of preferred cabin as well as airline. This can vary from zero to 2 bags at 23kilos each in the economy cabin and zero to 3 bags at a weight of 32kilos per bag in the business cabin.

Can a minor travel unaccompanied?

  • Some airlines permit travel by minors whilst others do not accept unaccompanied minors. Depending on the airline's policy, unaccompanied minors can be accepted from a particular age.  The fare charged will be subject to airline policy. This in most cases will involve payment of full adult fare plus unaccompanied fee and details of unaccompanied minor filled in the system and a copy accompanying the unaccompanied minor,

Do infants have to pay for travel?

  • Yes, infants are charged approximately 10% of adult fare.

Do infants need a passport to travel?

  • Yes, Infants require a passport for check-in formalities at the airport during international trips.

Do I need an ID when traveling with Domestic flights?

  • Yes, you will need to present any one of these government issued IDs - Voter ID Card, National ID Card, Drivers license, or International Passport to check-in before boarding. A copy on an electronic device (like a mobile phone) is not acceptable.


How long should my passport remain valid for before I can travel with it?

  • For all international travel, the passport needs to have at least 6 (six) months' validity prior to its expiration on the date of passenger return.
  • Can I travel if the name on my flight ticket is not exactly the name on my international passport?
  • No, the name on ticket should be the same as the name on the international passport, any error will prevent passenger from travelling.
  • Can I transfer my ticket to another person if I can no longer travel?
  • Tickets once purchased cannot be transferred to another person.
  • How do I know the payment made for the ticket has been received?

All payments made should be done with booking confirmation number plus traveller’s names. An agent will call you immediately payment is received to confirm bookings and facilitate ticket confirmation. Where payment is made without booking confirmation number or traveller’s name, it is necessary to call and confirm payment to facilitate ticket confirmation. 

  • Do I get a discount on my ticket if I book with you?

Yes, you get an automatic discount once you book with us and all fares on display are the most competitive fare available.

What is the difference between a non-stop flight, a direct flight, a technical stop and a connecting flight?

The differences are:

  • Non-stop or nonstop flights get you to your destination with no stops along the way.
  • Direct flights will also take you to your destination but in some select cases, there may be a stop in between without you having to leave the aeroplane and sometimes a transit visa is required.
  • A technical stop also does not require you to leave the aeroplane as it is commonly used to refuel the aircraft or pick up additional passengers.
  • A connecting flight requires the passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at an intermediate point, called the connecting point, on the way to their destination. Some airlines do not require a transit visa for passengers when changing planes. A transit visa may be required if passengers are changing airport though.


  • Step 1. In the search bar, fill out your departure point, arrival point, travel dates, number of passengers and click search
  • Step 2. Look through the search results and select the best flight for you
  • Step 3. Complete your passenger details and contact information
  • Step 4. Add any travel products for example flexible travel dates or health insurance for visa purposes
  • Step 5. Select your preferred payment method and click ""continue""
  • Step 6. That's it! You have now successfully made a booking. Your booking confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided on the passenger details page.

If you selected bank transfer or card as your method of payment, please make payment immediately as ticket prices are subject to availability. After we have confirmed receipt of payment during our working hours, your ticket is issued and emailed as an e-ticket to address on the booking.

Please remember to make sure that the names of the travellers are correct at the time of booking. If they are incorrect, you may be charged a fee or you could forfeit the entire ticket if your payment has been confirmed and the ticket has been issued.


What is an E-Ticket? How do I receive my ticket?

An e-ticket is the electronic travel document that you will use to board the flight. Once the e-ticket is issued, your travel information is stored in the airline database. Upon confirmation of payment, your ticket is issued and the e-ticket is sent to the email address provided while booking the ticket. The e-ticket must be presented at the airline's counter for you to board the plane.

How do I pay for my booking?

There are three main ways that you can pay for your booking:

  1. paying with your card using credit cards, debit cards, payment link options
  2. bank transfer to one of our available bank options,
  3. At our retail outlet with cash or your ATM card.

Please see more details about our payment options here.


Can I make prepayments or deposits?

You should pay immediately on the day the booking was made in order to have the quoted price guaranteed. Please note that the airline reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time and without notice if payment has not been confirmed by Incel tourism

Unfortunately, we do not offer instalment payments. We must receive your full payment and confirm receipt before your e-ticket is issued.


 Do I have to pay taxes on my tickets?

Yes, taxes are mandatory. These taxes have already been included in the price you see on the ticket.

What is the price difference for children/ minors?

The price difference for children is always airline dependent. As an estimate, one can expect to pay about 25% less than the base fare of an adult priced ticket.